What is the OM symbol?

"Om" is a Hindu sacred sound and a spiritual icon in Hinduism. It is considered to be the most important mantra and symbol of Hinduism. The symbol is written as "ॐ" in Sanskrit and is often used in Hindu prayers, ceremonies, and meditation. It is believed to be a representation of the divine consciousness that pervades all things. To Hindus, the sound of "Om" symbolizes the essence of the universe and the essence of ultimate reality.

The sound of "Om" is considered to be the primal sound that created the universe, and is thought to contain all other sounds within it. The syllable is also considered to symbolize the three aspects of the divine, known as the Trimurti, which are Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. When chanting "Om," it is common to focus one's mind and consciousness on the sound, in order to achieve a state of meditation and to connect with the divine. The symbol is widely used in many sacred spaces. 

We designed our Om ring to be worn in honor of it's sacred nature and to serve as a daily reminder to take time to be still, mediate and bring yourself in harmony & alignment with the Universe.

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